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Wolverhampton Taxi Test Page

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1. When can a child sit on a mother’s lap or knee?

2. Where can a child sit on a mother’s lap or knee?

3. A mother needs to urgently go to hospital she sits in the back rear of your saloon taxi with her 3 children putting the child under 3 years old on her lap (knee). Just as you are about to move off the father comes running and sits in the empty front passenger seat. Do you take them?

4. The driver shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of persons conveyed in or entering or alighting from a private hire vehicle driven, by hire or in their charge.

5. What age can you have your taxi driving medical exam?

6. How many times must you have your medical exam when you are over 65 years of age?

7. If you believe that a child is under sexual abuse who do you contact?

8. A drunk woman wants to sit in the front and you tell her sit in the back or you are going to refuse to take her. What is she allowed to do?

9. Who is responsible for passengers under 14 to wear their seatbelts?

10. Who is responsible for passengers over 14 to wear their seatbelts?

11. A four year old child sits on their mother’s lap in the back of your Private Hire Vehicle. Is this allowed?

12. You pick up two disabled passengers, you charge them extra because they are disabled. Is that acceptable?

13. Your vehicle is licenced for 4 passengers. When you get to your booking there are three small children only. What should you do?

14. If a member of the public approaches you when you are on duty in a private hire vehicle and asks you to take them somewhere and they have not made a booking with the base, should you?

15. Can you pick up somebody up that tries to flags you down?

16. Who is responsible for a child of 12 wearing the seatbelt in a Private Hire Vehicle when they are accompanied by their parent?

17. I believe a child I am carrying in my vehicle is at risk of child sexual exploitation should I tell anyone?

18. If you are concerned about another drivers conduct you should

19. State which of the following would raise concerns for you?

20. You pick up a couple from a local pub and one of the individual appears to be considerably underage, what should you do?

21. Which two of your ID badges needs to be on display at all times:

22.An elderly person asks you to take their shopping into their house, you should:

23. State which of the following is your responsibility?

24. Failure to provide adequate food or clothing is a type of abuse?

25. A child is a person under the age of:

26. You are offered a sexual favour in place of payment, what should you do?

27. If you’re concerned about a vulnerable child you should?

28. You pick up a vulnerable passenger, should you let your operator know what time you picked them up and dropped them off?

29. Is it good practice to double up on bookings?

30. Can a driver charge a fare higher than that displayed on the meter at the termination of the journey?

31. What is the time limit for depositing property left in a private hire vehicle or a hackney carriage by a passenger?

32. Is the driver of a private hire vehicle or hackney carriage required to give a written receipt for the fare if requested?

33. Apart from carrying out the journey what other assistance may be required of a licenced driver by a passenger?

34. Explain what the term ‘illegal plying for hire’ means for a private hire driver:

35. Which vehicle can legally ply for hire within the city boundary?

36. Is the driver of a private hire vehicle fitted with a fare meter allowed to negotiate a fare with a passenger?

37. Where should you take property which has been left in a hackney carriage or private hire vehicle by a passenger?

38. Is the driver of a hackney carriage allowed to eat in a vehicle whilst it is hired?

39. What is the purpose of a driver having a driver’s badge?

40. Can a driver smoke in a licenced vehicle?

41. Before commencement of work where should the drivers licence be delivered to and deposited with?

42. Within what period of time should the driver inform the council of any change of address?

43.How should a driver behave when conveying passengers to their destination?

44. Is the driver of a private hire vehicle allowed to park the vehicle on a hackney carriage rank?

45. How soon should a driver return his badge to the council after the licence has been suspended or revoked?

46. Which two main legislative acts cover the licencing of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles?

47. Is the driver of a hackney carriage allowed to switch the fare meter off when leaving the city boundary?

48. What animals must a private hire or hackney carriage driver convey in the vehicle if requested by passenger?

49. If you are convicted of an offence within what period of time should report it to the council?

50. How should the driver inform the council of any conviction?

51. Where must the drivers badge be displayed whilst working?

52. If a private hire driver illegally ply’s for hire and picks up a passenger without the vehicle being pre-booked through the operator what effect does it have on the vehicle insurance?

53. If a child is scared what do you do?

54. Can you tell a woman where to sit in a car?

55. Can you charge to carry Guide Dogs?

56. Can you park in a taxi rank?

57. Can you charge extra on top of your fair for a disabled passenger?

58. Can you put a magnet sign on your private hire vehicle?

59.Can you wait outside a night club looking for a job?

60. If a woman offers you a sexual favour what do you do?

61. If a disabled passenger asks for assistance what do you do?

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Passing grade - 75%

Wolverhampton Taxi Test Page



Passing grade - 75%