How To Pass The Wolverhampton Knowledge Taxi Test in 2020

This article will guide you to become a Wolverhampton taxi driver. We will also cover how to pass the knowledge test and what type of questions come up in the mock theory test.

Remember: In order to be a Wolverhampton taxi driver you will need to have two things:

A) The right to work in the United Kingdom
B) 1 year driving licence (if you have an international licence converted into UK licence then that is okay as well)

1. You can register to become a Wolverhampton taxi driver online (Click here to visit Wolverhampton website)

There are two ways to pass your test:
1. If you need training from a teacher then you can visit our taxi knowledge test training page
2. Speak to a teacher on whatsapp 07768279709.

In this article we will cover the following topics:
1. What is the Wolverhampton taxi knowledge test?
2. How much does the test cost?
3. Where, when and how can I book the exam?
4. How much time should I spend revising?
5. How can a teacher help me pass quicker?

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1. What is the Wolverhampton knowledge test?

Questions and answers

You have 1 hour to answer 28 questions. You will need 21/28 to pass your exam. You will need to write your answers onto the question paper.

Before the taxi knowledge test starts you’ll get:

  1. Instructions on how the test works
  2. The chance to do some practice questions
  3. A training lecture with the teacher before the exam

How the theory test works:

There are 28 questions you need 21 questions correct to pass the exam. There are safeguarding questions which are in black and bold and if you get one of them incorrect then you cannot pass the exam. A question is presented and you will have to write the correct answer.

The questions are taken from the following subjects:

  1. Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  2. Terms and conditions of driving taxi
  3. CSE awareness
  4. Licence conditions
  5. Vehicle conditions
  6. Vehicle standards
  7. The licensing process
  8. Enforcement and compliance
  9. Plying for hire
  10. The Health Act 2006
  11. Environmental Protection Act 1990
  12. Customer safety
  13. Customer care
  14. Disability awareness
  15. Road and passenger safety
  16. Personal safety
  17. Verbal and written English language skills

NOTE: There are NO routes, shortest distances or landmark questions.

You can register to become a Wolverhampton taxi driver online (Click here to visit Wolverhampton website)

2. How much does the test cost?

The costs of the exams and application:

  1. The Wolverhampton Knowledge test costs £40 (1st and 3rd attempt and a resit is £15)
  2. Personal Checks Criminal Records Checks  £79.49 (Click here to register for your certificate)
  3. Occoupatioanal Medical Exam roughly £60-100 (from your own doctor)
  4.  For 1 year application with Wolverhampton council it is £47(Click here to register for your exam)

Please get in touch with for a full breakdown of the prices and support with becoming a driver on 01158376502.

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3. Where, when and how can I book an exam?

Where can I sit an exam?

1.Wolverhampton Active Bilston, Bert Williams, WV14 0EF
2.Wolverhampton Active Aldersley,  WV6 9NW
3. Wolverhampton Science Park, Coxwell Ave, WV10 9RU

Exam bookings are usually available within 1 month. You will need to go onto the booking website to find the latest dates and times.

What documents will I need to book the exam?

You will need the following documents to book your exams:

1. Driving licence
2. Email
3. National Insurance Number
4. Credit or debit card to book these exams

How to book the exam and start the application process:

You can register to become a Wolverhampton taxi driver online (Click here to visit Wolverhampton website)

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5. How much time should I spend revising?

As a teacher who has been helping students pass their exams since 2013 I would recommend you spend the following time spent on revision:

1. Revising all the mock exam questions (all materials are available in our course)
2. Learning terms, conditions and guidelines for safeguarding of vulnerable children and adults
3. Practice reading difficult words and sentences in English

6. How can a teacher help me pass quicker?

We have been passing students since 2013 and we are happy to help. We help students in 3 ways (choose any that you feel comfortable with.

1. Practice our FREE questions and answers to help you pass quickly.
2. Try a FREE 30 minute demonstration with a teacher on whatsapp or skype (you can book a free consultation here)
3. Try our training classes which help students pass their exams first time with free retraining if you do not pass 

If you have any questions or would like to speak to me personally or my team or teachers please visit our contact us page or call 01158376502 and we will be happy to help.

Have a great day Fast Trackers always be the best and remember when you pass your exams please help others the same way we help you!

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