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Fast Track Drive provides independent advice, classes and support to students who need to pass their Driving Theory exams.

Our Driving Theory teachers are fully experienced and have passed thousands of students who were struggling with confidence, reading or English understanding. Visit our English language schools in Nottingham and Derby to find out more or contact us on this website.

Did you know? Our students’ Driving Theory success rate is 99 per cent, compared to an overall international applicant success rate of only 55 per cent. For many of our classes – if you don’t pass, you can take the entire class again for free until you pass!

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About Us

  • Our language schools are based in Nottingham and Derby in the UK.
  • We offer both online and classroom training for Driving Theory students.
  • Our classes allow students to build confidence, learn English and pass!
  • We have been helping students to pass their exams since 2013.
  • We are endorsed by NHS Staff Benefits – with exclusive discounts for Doctors and Nurses.
  • We also offer training for the Life in the UK Test, Visa Applications and Driving Theory. Visit our website for more information.